Dr's With A Heart 2010

With snow still on the ground and the threat of more snow flurries to come this weekend, we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to help many people this year. With the help of several local offices and many other supporters, we were able to see 124 patients, and provided approximately $32,000.00 worth of free dentistry to those who are uninsured and could not otherwise afford it.

The following Doctor's and their employees saw patients in their offices:

  • Dr. Thad Brown
  • Dr. Bryan Copeland
  • Dr. Dean Tyrer
  • Dr. Anthony Bartels
  • Dr. Jeremy Adams
  • Dr. Katy Wagner
  • Dr. Troy Bartels
  • Dr. Stan McPike
  • Dr. Steven Modelevsky

The following helped supply us with necessary items to get through the day:

  • Dr.'s John and Kristy Rowe
  • Dr. Billy Spades
  • Dr. William Panneck
  • Dr. Jim Phillips
  • Dr. Coy Boyd
  • Super V Drugs
  • Ken Copeland and Liberty Bank
  • Benco Dental

The staff of Dr. Scott Allen: Kim, Aimee, Jodi, Kerri, Amanda and Jamie, for coming to our office to assist in every possible way!

Please take the time to acknowledge those that have helped us make another Dr's With A Heart happen. Without them, we would not be able to provide as many patients with the dental care that they so desperately need.

We'd also like to thank the many patients that visited our office. Your kindness and patience is greatly appreciated! We understand how difficult it can be to wait, even for a free clinic. When we have nice people to deal with it certainly makes it easier on us to open this clinic year after year!

We'd like to invite you to click on the "Dr's With A Heart" link to view some of the photographs that were taken at the clinic. Thank you so much! We’ll see you next year!

Dr. Thad Brown, Dr. Bryan Copeland & Staff

Terry and Amanda

Ronda with a patient

Mary and Sarah

Jamie and Terry

Kerri and Amanda

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